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About Us

Your Electrical & Solar Experts

Founded in 2016, Kite Electric is a Metis-owned electrical and solar energy installation company. Kite is based in Edmonton, AB, with a satellite office in Jasper, AB. We are proud to provide service to all of Alberta.

Whether you need a residential or commercial electrician or are interested in making the switch to green energy, Kite Electric is proud to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

We provide a complete range of electrical and solar services for residential, agricultural and commercial needs while keeping your budget in mind. In addition, we offer different financing options to make your next electrical or solar projects a reality!

"Give us a call to experience something different. From initial contact to ongoing project support and completion, we will not just fulfill your work request, but also provide additional value to you or your client." ~ Jason Courtepatte

Sustainable Energy

Our Purpose

Kite Electric was founded on the belief that electrical contracting can be practiced in an ethical, moral, and inclusive manner. Acknowledging the rights of our customers and employees along with engaging in socially conscious business methods is the main driving force for everything we do.

Our Mission

Kite Electric’s Mission is to provide exceptional, professional, and inclusive electrical services to Albertans. These services are fairly priced, high quality, and guaranteed. Every customer is to be treated equally with electrical safety and code compliance being the top priority. Team diversity and transparent communication ensures alternative perspectives and efficient management of expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a family-operated electrical contractor excelling in sustainable energy and ethical business practices. We will lead the way in new technology while maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers by maintaining a manageable company size and level of employment.

Our Values


All representatives of Kite Electric are to have a high level of integrity. This is a measure of honesty and moral principles. By maintaining their integrity, customers will begin to trust us and their trust is the most precious asset they can offer us. It must be held in high regard.


Kite Electric employees are encouraged to be bold in their actions and decision-making. Though risk assessment is critical, decisions must be made with the available information at the time. This requires us to be brave and forge ahead with decisiveness.

Trust, and Accountability

These three values are closely linked to each other along with Integrity. Without honesty and accountability, trust can never exist. Through clear communication and managed expectations, we maintain our honesty and build trust with the client while maintaining our accountability.

Commitment to Customers

Customers are our driving force. Without them, Kite Electric would not exist. This company exists to serve our customers and will make this commitment to providing safe, exceptional, and professional services at a fair price.


This is our driving force. Passion for electrical. Passion for customer service. Passion for innovation. Without passion, we would have no reason to push the boundaries of electrical service and customer expectations. Passion is the fuel that allows us to forever push the limits


Work cannot be taken too seriously. While we are in one of the more high risk industries, we must take the time to acknowledge that fun must be had. Through laughter, shared experience, and casual conversation, we take the time to set aside our work lives and focus on healthy work-life balances. We are all individuals striving to achieve this balance and Kite Electric makes the commitment to support this.


Being an electrician is a rewarding, very highly skilled trade. Specialized solar training and a great work environment allow our team to feel taken care of and respected. Humility is encouraged when speaking with customers and other members of the industry. No one individual can know everything and humility is required to know this

Continuous Learning

Learning does not stop. Ever. New technologies, practices, and methods are constantly being developed. Through constant education and learning opportunities, we evolve our own methods to practice up-to-date knowledge. This allows us to continue offering our high quality, professional services while adapting to economic, social, and environmental conditions


Not every decision is correct. Ownership of consequences is an expectation when a team is provided the autonomy to make their own decisions. To be able to own up to your decisions allows you to take responsibility for your actions. Ownership of success is held in equally high regard. Be proud of your success and own your accomplishments.

Constant Improvement

Personal improvement is valued at Kite Electric as it encourages growth of not only one’s electrical ability, but also their interpersonal relationships, community understanding, and their sense of self. By encouraging our team’s personal development, we strive to not only provide a source of income, but a means to improve their lives holistically


Autonomy is highly encouraged at Kite Electric. Every one of our team members have the ability to become leaders in this way. Leadership is a combination of other values, but the act of leadership in and of itself encourages decision making, accountability, and professionalism


Our key is diversity. As an indigenous owned company with a diverse team unlike any other, this allows us to offer safe, inclusive services. Our diversity includes journeymen and apprentices of all genders and socioeconomic backgrounds, Métis business ownership, and LGBTQ+ representation.


Technology is always evolving and we want to be right on top of it. Combined with creating new, and creative methods of installation and design, we innovate our approach to a very old craft and breathe new life into it. This goes beyond the technical applications and includes our innovative methods of customer service, sales, and installation practices.


Quality of our installations leads to lasting, safe installations worthy of remaining in place for years to come. We ensure this quality through a thorough quality assurance and quality control process. We make the client aware of our attention to detail and strive to exceed their expectations with every task.


Kite Electric was built upon the idea that no one can go it alone successfully. We must surround ourselves with a circle of peers, or a team to truly be successful. Every member of Kite Electric relies on each other to promote our company values and pursue our mission


Overcomplication leads to mismanaged expectations and unclear transactions. We strive to provide concise, clear, and easy to understand information through our quotes, invoices, customer communications, and on site visits. This allows the customer to easily process the information we’re providing. Being a very technical trade, this is incredibly important.


Every member and customer of Kite Electric is considered to be on the same plane. From our starter apprentices to the company ownership, every individual is entitled to the same level of dignity and compassion. An open-door policy is in place to encourage this


We respect the craft, the environment, and ourselves. We respect the hazards of our career and the benefits it provides. We respect our impact on the environment and the impact we have on the reduction of our footprints. We also respect ourselves and our skills which have been honed over the years to provide the outstanding service Kite Electric is known for.