Government Rebates for Solar Energy

Solar Panels on Roof

Residential Rebates

In the City of Edmonton, there are up to $4000 in grants and incentives available for those wishing to install solar energy onto their home or business. Download the user guide here! For more information on how you can take advantage of current municipal or provincial grants, contact Kite Electric today! *

EV Rebates

Currently, there are some rebates available for both the purchase of your electric vehicle, as well as the installation of a Level 2 EV charging station.  Kite Electric is an experienced EVSE installer and will guide you through the application process to ensure you are pre-approved.

For a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.  We look forward to helping you move towards a new chapter of sustainability.


New Federal Grants Just Announced!

Homeowners are eligible for up to $600 for the cost of pre-and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations and up to $5,000 total for the implementation of eligible retrofits. This way, participants are eligible for up to $5,600 under the initiative. Make sure that you read all eligibility criteria and grant requirements to be sure that you qualify for reimbursement at the end of the process.  Contact Kite Electric for more information!

*As rebates are constantly changing, please talk to Kite for the most updated list!

Effective April 7, 2021, changes were made to the Change Homes for Climate Solar Program Terms & Conditions. These changes clarify eligibility and rebate amounts for multi-unit residential buildings, new homes, mobile homes, and secondary suites. There were also some changes made to equipment eligibility requirements. Please see the program Terms and Conditions for details. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact or 587-287-1903.

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