3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Electric Contractor

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

When it comes to electric repair service, you should only trust the professional electricians. However, how would you know if the electrical contractor you hired is reliable enough to do the job? For an electrical project to be successful, you need to find the right people, and not knowing about the topic can leave you confused.

Finding a dependable contractor should not be complicated. If you have to hire an electrician and don’t know how to find one, here are the three considerations you should make.

The Qualifications and Accreditations

Before hiring an electrical contractor, here are the items you should include in your checklist for both the independent and companies.

  1. Related educational background

  2. Electrical training experiences

  3. Electrical licenses

  4. Business license

  5. Business liability insurance

  6. Business qualifications and accreditations from Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other quality electrical contracting regulating and overseeing bodies

  7. Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)

If you want to make sure, you’ll double-check if the certifications and credentials they present are indeed valid. You and your family or business’s safety are at stake when you hire electricians and contractors. You need to make sure they are reliable enough for the job.

Whoever you get for the project would most likely be your go-to electrician whenever you encounter electrical emergencies, so it is better to choose someone qualified and trustworthy.

The Cost

Another factor that you should consider is the cost. Before settling for one supplier, consider getting three cost estimates from different electrical contractors. Doing so will help you gauge how much the typical costs for a specific project are in your area. Here are some other things you need to consider concerning the price.

When asking for a cost estimate, do not only focus on the amount you need to pay. You also need to examine the type of services included in the calculation. Check if there are hidden costs and extra charges you need to spend on top of the service. It will help you determine which offer is the best in terms of pricing.

Keep in mind that low-priced service does not mean you’re getting a better offer. The quality and safety of the work should still be your number one priority.

Hire contractor on a per-project rate instead of per hour rate. Like other technical projects, it is hard to gauge a reasonable time and price to finish an electrical job. When requesting a quote, ask for an estimate based on the project instead of the hour.

Apart from the cost of the work itself, each cost estimate will also vary depending on many factors, such as qualifications, certification, work experience, formal licensing, and other expertise. You also need to consider the distance of your property from the electrician basecamp because it can affect the charge for the electrical service and installations. Your contractors would need to consider their time and travel expenses.

Customer Feedback and Online Profiles

When purchasing something you are not familiar with, you need to check other people’s opinions about the quality of the product. The same goes for electrical companies—check out what they do, what projects they have done, and the reviews or customer feedback if you are shortlisting companies, and you don’t know which one to pick.

You can browse their website and online profiles, check their accreditation, quality control reviews, and more. It will help you gauge how they work and if they do an excellent job with their services.


Having specific criteria before hiring a contractor is not an exaggeration on your end. Anyone should be responsible for employing quality contractors to help you with your electrical requirements. If you consider these three requirements, you will get the best type of service, and you will also have peace of mind throughout the project.

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