3 Important Electrical Safety Tips Your Kids Need to Know

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Although urban societies can’t live without electricity, it’s still a force that can be incredibly destructive. Similar to fire, it provides a valuable resource to keep us comfortable and productive; however, if we aren’t careful, it poses a safety hazard. While there are standards for electrical safety precautions, many adults struggle to remember them. In that case, making kids understand the precautions to take electrical devices can be a challenge in itself.

Kids are curious and restless, which means that you have to take extra steps to ensure that the house is free of unattended wires and plugs that can harm them. However, by teaching them crucial electrical safety practices, they can learn early on to handle electrical devices with care. Here are some tips your kids need to know:

– Don’t Pull Any Cords

Children are incredibly tactile learners, which means they need to physically interact with their environment to learn new things about it. Unfortunately, doing so with electrical components is remarkably dangerous and can ultimately prove fatal.

Be sure to teach them not to pull any cord, at least not without supervision. Carelessly tugging on cables can damage the cable coverings, exposing its internal parts. Such exposure may result in fatal accidents if you don’t call for electrical home repairs right away. Instead, show them how to remove the cords carefully, but reiterate that they cannot do so unless they’re instructed. Make sure to explain the consequences of pulling it improperly and without your permission as well.

– Don’t Touch Electrical Appliances

Although your home may be just a living space for you, it represents a whole different world to your children. They can transform it into a castle, a magical forest, or even a spaceship with their imagination. However, their creativity can lead them into dangerous territory, like if they gravitate towards electrical appliances like toasters or heating rods. They can end up burning their fingers, or worse, electrocuting themselves.

To prevent this from happening, make sure they understand the importance of staying away from electrical appliances, especially without any adult around. It will also help to generally keep devices at a safe distance away from their reach.

– Don’t Play With Outlets

Many kids are also curious about their surroundings, which has resulted in cases where they have stuck their fingers or objects inside electrical sockets. Outlets put them at risk for severe harm and danger, making it essential to teach them not to play with these. It will also help to use child-safe outlet covers, preventing the instance from occurring at all.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Although your children must know the importance of approaching electrical devices with care, they can only do so much, especially at such a young age. Prevention is crucial here, so it’s best to keep all electrical wires away from gas or water sources. Make sure to turn off all electrical appliances and devices if your kids will be left unattended. You can also use tape to cover exposed wires or plug holes.


Electrical safety is a crucial concept to learn, even for children. The younger generations are getting more technologically savvy thanks to unfettered access to tablets and smart devices, which may think they know how to deal with electrical appliances that can harm them. By teaching your children these tips and taking precautions of your own, your household can regularly practice electrical safety.

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