4 Ways to Conserve Power to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

You have to cover many expenses as a homeowner, whether it be running maintenance on your appliances or paying for rent. That said, one of the things you have to pay for that can take a significant chunk of your cash is your electrical bills. This is especially concerning as energy costs continue going up.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce your electrical consumption, helping you save plenty of money in the long run. Here are some tips for conserving electricity to cut down on your electricity bill.

1) Close the Shades

In the summer, when temperatures increase, you may find yourself using your AC more often. If you want to turn on the AC to keep your home’s internal environment comfortable, consider closing your shades. This will help prevent UV rays from the sun that carry plenty of heat from entering your home. As a result, the AC will not have to work as hard to cool the house down, consuming less electricity.

2) Utilize Efficient Fixtures

You likely use various light fixtures to brighten up your spaces in the daytime and at night. If you are still using old fixtures, chances are they are not energy efficient. Consider replacing old light bulbs and other light fixtures with new ones, like LED bulbs. They are a lot more efficient at power consumption and have a much longer lifespan. Also, LED bulbs do not emit as much heat, meaning you can keep your home cooler.

3) Use a Smart Thermostat

If your home has a manual thermostat, you might sometimes be too lazy to go to it to change the temperature. This may sound like a simple nuisance, but it can seriously eat up power if you leave the temperature too low or keep the system on for too long.

For that reason, we highly recommend using a smart thermostat instead. With an application on your phone connected to the thermostat, you will not have to leave your couch to change temperatures or switch off your heater or AC. It is this convenience that will help you save money, as you can switch your heaters and AC on and off anytime and anywhere as needed.

4) Unplug Unused Appliances

A good habit is to unplug appliances that are not currently in use. For instance, if you have a rice cooker making rice, you can unplug it when it is already done cooking. This also applies to other appliances, like microwaves, toasters, and TVs. That way, you can guarantee that unused devices do not end up wasting any electricity, helping you save money.


All of the tips above will help you save electricity one way or another, reducing your electrical costs and saving a lot of money in the long run. That said, we highly recommend applying as many of these tips as possible. For example, while installing smart thermostats for your home’s heaters and coolers, you should also replace all the lightbulbs with more efficient ones. The more solutions you implement to save electricity, the more money you can save.

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