Electricals And Safety_ Why You Shouldn’t Be Working on Your Electrical Issues by Yourself

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Electricity is one of the greatest gifts humanity has discovered in the modern world. While it is nothing compared to what it was like more than a century ago, the properties of electricity are still the same, with the danger still similar to how it always was. There is a reason why people go to school or do extensive training courses to handle electricals of anything: it’s because they don’t want to be left with a nasty shock that is life-threatening.

While you may be tempted to fix that minor electrical issue that appeared in your home based on a YouTube tutorial you saw that made DIY look extremely easy, this is not the best choice. Our electricians at Kite Electric warn against trying to save a few dollars from calling a professional because this can cause disastrous consequences.

We have compiled a list of entries that are good enough reasons to leave the circuitry to the pros, so have a look before you think about tweaking with electricals:

Electrical Shock

Getting shocked can be deadly at any voltage level, especially at higher voltages. While most residential homes have their average voltage at around 110 volts, these will give you a slight jolt, but larger appliances like ovens and washing machines can reach a fatal 240 volts.

With all the electronic components and wires you will find if you take these apart with no knowledge, putting a tool in the wrong place or having your hands brush over faulty wiring can kill. If you really feel like you are confident, always remember to shut off the power at your breaker panel to avoid any mishaps.

Threats Of Fire

If electric shock isn’t bad enough, what’s worse is that even if you think you successfully repaired something, but missed out on an important component and let the device run. Faulty wiring can cause sparks, and ignite nearby flammable materials. Electricals are complex and even a wrong wire soldered on another contact can cause things to burst into flames or explode.

What is worse is that these issues can appear weeks after you think you have successfully, which makes it a threat if you find yourself out of the house and the electricals decide to fry.

Watch Out For City Safety Inspectors

These agents have the job of ensuring the safety of everyone around the area, which is why they scrutinize each and every inch of your home to ensure that everything is up to spec. Doing a shabby job in putting your electricals back together after a DIY session and getting caught by an inspector because of the risk it proposes to your family and those around your area.

While people think they can hide their poorly repaired wiring and circuitry behind the walls and in attic spaces, selling the house will warrant extreme difficulties because of the dangers. Before a home is sold, it goes through rigorous inspections for any illegal activity, or things like fire hazards or harmful gases. By calling up a professional electrician, you will be easing the burdens that may be caused by hefty fines and other issues when you want the home sold ASAP.


Wiring is no joke and is the reason why touching anything electrical often requires proper certification and intensive training to be able to safely handle these things. Don’t let your home fall to the risks of fires, or your life being threatened by currents by contacting a professional instead of trying to save a few dollars that are probably not worth the millions in damages.

Here at Kite Electric, we have some of the best and honest electricians in Edmonton, AB ready to serve your needs. Don’t cheap out with repairs, especially when it comes to things that can put lives in danger.

You can’t go wrong with Kite Electric – contact us now!

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