How to Find the Right EV Charger Installation Company

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

With many consumers’ growing concern over the environment’s needs, many people are shifting to greener options that promote sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyles. Owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) is one way to cut down on your transportation expenses while doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Another reason why you should invest in an EV is that you can install its charger at your own home.

It’s best to hire a certified electrician to handle any electrical job for your home. On that note, it’s necessary to find someone who is certified in EV chargers installation. Although these contractors may be a more expensive option, you’ll have fewer worries about complying with building regulations and addressing your home’s safety.

Choosing the Right EV Charging Installation Company

Like any service provider, not all EV charging installation companies are equal. In some cases, your EV charger brand will recommend a partner company to install it for you as part of the buying package. However, you should be open to expanding your options when available.

In this article, we will share three features you should look for in an EV charging installation company.

1) Expertise in Handling EV Chargers and Home Electrical Systems

Since you’ll be wiring an EV charger to your home, there are more severe consequences if the installation goes wrong. Unlike conventional appliances, EV chargers take up a considerable amount of electricity to function. For this reason, you can be at risk if your electricians make wrong calculations and procedures.

It’s best to hire an electrician that has specific expertise in handling EV chargers together with residential electrical systems. Doing so will ensure that they have the technical skill sets to provide a safe and functional EV charging station for your home.

2) Certification in EV Installation

It would be beneficial to hire an electrician who has the experience and certification to handle EV charger installations. Doing so ensures that you won’t have any issues with wiring and national regulations. These companies usually have to coordinate with local government departments to receive validation to proceed with their service. You can request your company’s compliance certificate to ensure that you’re dealing with the right contractors.

3) Scalability Through End-To-End Services

Scalability is a term that you often hear about businesses, but it also applies to homeowners. Like any brand in the automotive industry, more modern models of EVs will soon become popular in the market. It’s generally not an issue to swap car models with traditional gas-powered ones. However, it will be problematic if your EV only caters to one vehicle type’s needs.

You may require faster charging with higher output from your charger in the future once you switch vehicles. For this reason, you should find an EV charger installation company that can provide end-to-end service. Having this long-term relationship with them ensures that you’ll receive repairs and adjustments from contractors who are already familiar with your home’s setup. You can opt-in for an installation plan that will support your current and future transition to different car models.


Having your own EV charger isn’t the cheapest investment you’ll make, especially after switching from your traditional vehicle to an electric-powered one. Although its price rates can look overwhelming at first, you’ll receive considerable long-term benefits that will save your money and the environment simultaneously.

Seeking out reputable electrician services near you can save you on your expenses and accessibility to ask for immediate maintenance and repairs. If you need an electrician in Edmonton to handle your home’s EV charger, we are more than happy to help. Contact us today at (587) 400-8076 to learn more about what other electrician services we can offer.

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