Solar Design and Installation Qualifications and Requirements

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Residential Solar Installation

The team at Kite Electric take solar energy installations very seriously. There are a number of steps involved in designing and installing a solar energy system and they must all be completed but electricians that are adequately qualified, suitably trained, and sufficiently experienced.

Our method consists of a number of steps, each one involving the client from beginning to end. We strive to ensure that the process is kept transparent while meeting or exceeding design requirements and applicable codes. For the Edmonton, Alberta region, there are specific safety and building codes that must be adhered to where planning a solar installation.

Canadian Interprovincial Red Seal

Our team is composed of Red Seal Journeyman Electricians and apprentices overseen by a full-time Master Electrician. This is an important requirement in order to comply with the Alberta Electrician Trade Regulation. There is also at minimum one CSA Certified Solar PV Designer/Installer assigned to each project. In addition, we have a student Professional Electrical Contractor on staff that will be achieving their PEC designation by the end of 2020.

Kite Electric holds a Prepaid Contractor’s License from Service Alberta as well. This allows us to receive up to 40% of a project’s cost up front from residential clients. Clients are protected by a $25,000 bond we’ve taken out as required by this license.

Kite Electric’s Associations

Some of the groups we are associated with include the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta, the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, and the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business. Through these organizations, we aim to hold ourselves to a high standard of renewable energy installations.

Almost 5 years of experience combined with the above provides an unparalleled experience from beginning to end. From the initial system design consultation to the final commissioning, reporting, and ongoing support, trust Kite Electric to help you meet your renewable energy goals.

Sample satellite assessment for a residential application

Booking a solar site assessment is easy and comes at no cost. A preliminary assessment is provided for conversation purposes. Once approved, a site visit is required to determine the electrical and structural characteristics of your property. To book an assessment, click here.


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