Solar Energy Components Series: Part Two: Solar Mounting Systems

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Photo fromUnirac

Welcome back to our series on solar module components! Today, we will focus on mounting systems for your solar energy system!

A mounting system is imperative for the design of your solar energy module! The mounting system is the base for your modules, supports and attaches the modules to the roof or other surface. Mounting systems also help ensure that your modules receive the proper amount of sun from the tilt.

Different types of solar mounting

There are a few different mounting systems, including flat roof mounting, sloped or pitched roof mounting and ground mounting. Depending on the type of roof your building has or installing a solar field, the type of mounting system used will make installing your solar modules more effective and optimize the proper absorption of the sun for your needs.

Ground fixed-tilt byUnirac

Materials used

Many mounting systems are made out of structural-grade aluminum. This material is used because it is lightweight and will not rust or corrode as quickly as other metals[1].


Installation of mounting systems can be quick and easy, and will actually help to protect the shingles on your roof! Kite Electric can make this process quick and easy for you so you can get your solar modules installed and start enjoying your new solar energy system.

Picture courtesy ofKinetic Solar

Kite Electric uses the highest quality mounting systems for its installs. We get the best of products from our manufacturers, including Kinetic Racking, Fast Rack, QuickmountPV, RT-Mini, Unirac. Here at Kite, we believe in ensuring our customers receive the highest quality in innovative material and want your investment to last for years to come!

Ready to get started? Call Kite Electric today for your free solar assessment!

Stay tuned for part 3 on inverters!

Check out this great video from our manufacturer, Fast-Rack, to learn more about the quality of the products we install!

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