Things to Avoid When Handling Home Electrical Works

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

When you’re dealing with electrical home repairs on your own, it’s crucial to perform secure methods to ensure you won’t be harmed. Since you’re dealing with live wires and electricity, you can put your life in danger if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are required protocols you need to follow so that you and your loved ones can avoid injuries. Knowing these basic safety precautions can prevent accidents and ensure you continue living in a comfortable home that’s free from electrical fires and faulty wiring.

Keep reading below to find out the things to avoid doing when handling electrical works at home.

Don’t Handle Electrical Wires With Wet Hands

Often, people tend to handle electrical cables without paying attention to having wet hands. You could be washing the dishes, cooking, or cleaning the house, and you have a habit of using your phone in between tasks.

If you suddenly decide to charge your phone and plug it into an electrical socket, your mistake of forgetting to wipe your hands will cause danger. You could have faulty cables with broken parts that, once exposed to water, can end up electrocuting you.

Avoid Using Damaged Gear

Some people have a habit of using their gadgets, devices, and other equipment despite their worn down conditions. While it does save you money when you scrimp out and run a particular piece of equipment down, it can, in fact, generate more expenses when such implements cause accidents.

As much as possible, you should avoid using torn cords, damaged plugs, and broken insulations. It has served its purpose, so it’s better to buy a new one right away, or you may end up risking your life. If you aren’t careful, your sweaty or wet hands can cause you to experience an electric shock.

Never Work With Your Bare Hands

If you insist on handling electrical repairs on your own, then the least you can do is to wear protective gear to save you from unwanted incidents. You can buy rubber gloves at any hardware store so that you can avoid getting yourself in trouble.

If the electrical work requires a professional, you can call for electrician maintenance to easily handle circuit breaks and other problems. Avoid dealing with electricity while using only your exposed hands.

Don’t Plug in Wires While the Electricity Switch is Turned On

It’s a common mistake for people to insert chargers and other plugs into a socket while the main switch is still on. Failing to turn off your main before using it can affect the current of electricity flowing through and possibly cause a reaction, affecting your device and the outlet.

The next time you think of plugging something into your main, check to see if it’s off, before connecting your equipment and turning it back on. Doing this simple practice will keep you safe and avoid hurting yourself and the people around you in the process.

Never Use Metal Ladders

If you have any electrical works that are hard to reach, using a steel or metal ladder is a big mistake. You are putting yourself at risk because getting an electric shock can cause the current to pass through your whole body in a flash.

During complicated situations, it’s best to leave the job to professional electric repair services because they are fully-equipped with the right tools and skills to handle it. They have the proper ladders to use and the knowledge to address all electrical problems accordingly.


The next time you encounter issues regarding your electrical system at home, it’s best to avoid the things noted on our list so you don’t make the mistake of putting your life on the line. Better yet, it’s best to avoid DIY electrical repairs entirely and instead call for a reliable electrician to handle the electrical tasks!

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