What You Should Know About Multifamily EV Charging Stations

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

The world is steadily embracing sustainable efforts and different industries strive to join this eco-conscious movement by offering solutions that leave a positive impact on the environment. The growing accessibility of electric vehicles is just one of many examples of this change, but currently, only 85 percent of electric vehicle (EV) charging is available to homeowners. But what about families who live in apartments or condominiums?

Installing EV charging stations in multifamily properties, however, may involve different factors that present challenges that are not present in single-family homes. Fortunately, the continuous rise of the EV market shows that communities need to meet the growing demand.

With that in mind, landowners can expect the addition of EV charging stations as part of their incentive to attract renters, the same way pools, fitness areas, and parking lots boost the desirability of a multifamily property.

EV Charging Stations Offer Flexible Options to Match a Building’s Design and Needs

Another good news is that multifamily EV charging stations are pretty flexible, though there are some factors worth considering:

– Location

EV charging stations can suit various locations, but the best part is that they can function properly in both open and enclosed parking spaces — from your basic garages to something as tight as carports.

– Type of Charger

Most people invest in either Level 1 or Level 2 EV charging stations, both of which can run without a hitch in multifamily housing complexes. This leaves more room for landowners to adjust their budget and buy an option that better suits their financial capabilities.

– Metering Options

It’s true that electric vehicles save thousands of dollars worth of gas money, but the EV charging stations can also come at an electrical cost. Landowners don’t have to worry about breaking the bank though since these stations can have dedicated meters to help monitor the electrical usage of every tenant.

Multifamily EV Charging Installation Is Easier Than Ever

It’s understandable to think that installing EV charging stations in apartments or condominiums can be tricky, particularly when it comes to rewiring the building’s electrical system. But EV charging installation is significantly easier than it seems since there are load management units or transfer switches that can prevent the EV from overheating the building’s main grid.

Not to mention, installing EV charging stations also comes at a surprisingly cheaper cost thanks to the multitude of incentives like rebates and tax credits available.

The Bottom Line: Expect to See More Multifamily EV Charging Stations From Here Onwards

As the new car market skyrockets along with EV ownership, there’s no doubt that multifamily communities need to adapt to the demand as the EV landscape continues to evolve.

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