Why Should You Get an Electrical or Solar Membership from Kite?

It’s been a long day; you get home from work and start trying to make supper. Suddenly the power goes out in your kitchen, and the breaker is smoking. You don't know what to do! "Oh no, is this going to be expensive?" you wonder. You might not know who to call to help you get your power back on, and you start to panic. It's ok! We got you! Situations like this happen often and they can make us feel pretty stressed out.

That's why we created the R.E.S.T Ez and R.E.S.T. and Renew membership plans! Our plans are flexible and affordable and provide you with peace of mind knowing that you're protected!

Through Kite's memberships, you get professional P.E.C. trained Master Electricians and journeymen with priority scheduling. Kite can get your electricity back on quickly and efficiently while ensuring the work on your system is correct the first time.

Maybe you're noticing that your solar system or electric vehicle charger isn't working as efficiently as it was when installed. Kite can fix that for you too! We can make sure that your system is in good working order, we can plot and create a report of your energy usage, and ensure that you continue to save money on your electrical bills!

With Kite's R.E.S.T. E.Z. and R.E.S.T and RENEW plans, you get the benefit of these membership perks

  • 10 % off most services from Kite Electric

  • Complete system report card

  • Skip the line

  • Extended warranty on labour

  • Extend the life of your appliances and equipment

  • Save Money

  • Fewer frustrations

  • Less risk = safer systems

  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • No after-hour premiums!

  • Monthly, Bi-annually, Quarterly or Yearly plans are available!

  • Bigger smiles

Kite provides a proactive service to their membership holders by inspecting, testing, and addressing problems before becoming an inconvenience to homeowners. Our plans will save you time and money and help to prevent frustrations, letting you focus on what's important - enjoying your home and some R&R after a long workday.

Ready to learn more about our membership plans? Visit our membership page to learn more, and then give us a call!

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