Why Solar Microgrids Should Be Integrated Into Office Parks

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Energy bills are no joke to anyone, especially to office parks. The large-scale operation of many businesses corresponds to higher electricity expenses. With energy projected to increase its price further in the coming years, it’s time to find alternatives to invest in to save up from those costs.

The concept of renewable energy systems like solar microgrids has been getting more attention in recent years, and probably for a good reason. Here’s why office parks should start using solar microgrids:

The Needs of Business Parks

Business or office park spaces are surrounded by companies of different sizes. All of these offices are likely operating at the same time, which can require the need for a lot of energy during that same period. People within that space would also require the use of other facilities, which likely jacks up the electricity prices.

The ideal power supply for business parks would be something efficient in their kilowatt-hour capacity while being affordable. It’s been established that a lot of energy would have to be exhausted at peak hours of the day, entailing that a balanced kWh is needed.

On top of that, business parks should look for a reliable power supply in its voltage stability and frequency. If a power supply isn’t stable, there’s just a large opportunity and risk for numerous office operations getting disrupted and paused.

Solar microgrid technology can check the boxes for both categories. This shared network converts solar energy into what’s deemed as clean electricity. This electricity is then distributed among the companies housed in that business park.

The Efficiency of Solar Microgrids

Solar energy has been known to provide electricity at a considerably low price compared to regular fossil fuel energy, especially when it comes down to the total amount of the bills in the long-term. Coupling that with microgrids makes solar energy have an ideal kWh cost to help business parks save money.

With a solar power supply installed and in motion, productivity in the surrounding offices will undoubtedly continue running while using an eco-friendly and cost-efficient resource. The money saved from using renewable energy can also go towards improving the facilities and working conditions of the people in that space to a certain degree.

The Reliability of Solar Microgrids

Fossil fuel energy is entirely dependent on the companies and power plants running operations. However, by utilizing solar energy through the solar microgrids, the business park will be handling and holding responsibility for the standalone energy source. It can be much more reliable to an extent as solar microgrids require just minimal maintenance.

Investing in the installment and operation of solar microgrids means committing to a system with a long life span. There’s also an opportunity to combine the solar panels in the microgrids with other energy sources, such as turbines or another microgrid. This potential expansion increases reliability and energy storage capabilities.


In summary, solar microgrids can provide the efficiency and reliability that office parks need in a shared power source. Aside from its advantages from a business point of view, you’re also boosting the renewable energy sector and utilizing the environmental resources present.

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