Why You Should Invest in a Home EV Charging Station

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular as a viable alternative to gas-powered automobiles. For the environmentally-conscious consumer, buying these products is a step towards prolonging the earth’s health. However, a growing concern for these vehicles is that there aren’t enough charging stations available. Thankfully, an EV charging station is an upgrade that you can install in your own home.

The Modern Consumer’s New Preferences

There’s a recurring trend for modern consumers and the products and services that they choose to purchase. The growing need for sustainability is a concern that affects both consumers and brands. It’s why green alternatives are gaining popularity to a larger demographic. Anything from using recyclable materials to eco-friendly work practices is a plus that a buyer will want to consider.

Many products in the market are adapting to develop cost- and energy-efficient models. For example, smart thermostats automatically optimize your energy usage while using as little electricity as possible. Appliances beyond heating and lighting options, like refrigerators and stoves, now also come with energy-saving features. Technological advancements are taking it a step further with the mass production of EVs.

The Benefit of Going Green for Your Vehicle’s Needs

The growing mass appeal of EVs answers two recurring problems that come with owning a gas-powered vehicle. A benefit of owning an electric vehicle is that owners can cut down on their gas-spending costs. Although electricity doesn’t pay for itself, electricity prices are much lower than gas. In Canada, the average price of electricity is around 17.4 cents per kWh. This is already a cost-saving advantage on its own. However, public charging networks aren’t as plentiful and accessible.

Thankfully, home EV charging stations allow you to charge your vehicle without being anywhere near a local charging network. It’s not just a matter of accessibility but also the value of saving money in the long term. Public charging stations cost around 30-40 cents per kWh, almost twice as much as the home-charging rate. This is why owning an EV, together with a home EV charging station will be a considerable cost- and energy-saving addition to your lifestyle.

The Value of Investing in Green Additions to Your Home

It’s necessary to invest in installations that will increase its market price if you plan to sell your home in the future. This is why you must be particular about appliance upgrades and potential home extensions. These upgrades over time will have long-term implications on your property’s value in the market. Besides being a smart investment for your transport needs, a home EV charger gives a significant boost to your home’s value. As the market continues to adopt green building practices, more homebuyers will look for energy-efficient homes like smart and green appliances.

An EV charging station increases your home’s appeal to potential buyers in the future who plan to own an EV or already own one. It’s a reality in the real estate market that most homes around public charging stations have much higher values by highlighting their strategic placement. Their proximity around these energy-efficient public installations shows the market’s preference for being near technologically advanced urban structures.


A home EV charging station is an example of how consumers can control the variability of their energy and lifestyle options. People and brands are realizing that green products are the future of the economy. These energy-saving features are more than just a fad and will turn into the norm for the market.

If you need an electrician in Edmonton to handle your home’s shift to green solutions, we are more than happy to help. We can outfit your home with energy-saving solutions like EV charging stations, solar modules, and more. Contact us today at (587) 400-8076 to learn more about how we can improve your home’s energy usage.

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