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You could be saving thousands of dollars and maintaining the value of your home through Kite Electric's Residential Electrical Service & Testing (R.E.S.T.) EZ program! Kite has memberships available that work with your budget. Choose from our monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual memberships and save off your yearly maintenance costs! Kite's membership plans are excellent for residential electrical members or those with solar energy installed on their homes! Rest EZ and let Kite service all your electrical needs!

REST & Renew's Solar Plan

While solar energy is relatively low maintenance, it is important to ensure that it is maintained regularly. With Kite's Rest & Renew plan, members get to enjoy everything the R.E.S.T EZ plan covers, as well as ensuring that your EV and solar installations are working at their peak performance. We will ensure that your EVSE and/or EMS systems remain in great condition and are operating properly. The R.E.S.T & Renew plan includes monitoring, reporting and bill comparison to ensure your system continues to work properly. Feel free to choose from our monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual memberships and save off your yearly maintenance costs! Bundle your solar membership plan with your electrical plan for even more benefits!

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Peace of Mind

Let's You Relax

Get peace of mind knowing your electrical and solar systems are safe and there when you need it.

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Priority Scheduling

Let's You Skip the Line

Membership holders get priority scheduling! Don't wait to get your electrical and solar needs taken care of! Grab a membership today!

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Let's You Save Money!

Kite's membership program gives you 10% off most electrical and solar services and provides you with an extended warranty on repairs and equipment installed by Kite!

What Our Members Get

  • 10 % off most services from Kite Electric - For as long as you're a member you get 10% off most of your electrical services!

  • Complete system report card - Kite Electric's trained electricians will ensure you know exactly how your electrical or solar systems are doing and will identify any potential issues before they become hazards

  • Skip the line - You'll get priority service on any electrical or solar issues you may come across! If you need help, Kite is here for you!

  • Extended warranty - Getting routine inspections done by Kite Electric comes with an extended warranty on any of our repairs or installations. 

  • Extend the life of your appliances and equipment - Ensuring your electrical or solar system is up to par and working correctly will also help to extend the life of your appliances and equipment!

  • Save Money - Maintaining your electrical or solar system can actually help you to lower your electrical bills.

  • Fewer frustrations - Nothing is more frustrating than trying to vacuum and your breaker shuts off. With Kite's membership plan, we can not only identify what's causing these issues, but we can get them fixed - the right way, right away.

  • Less risk - When it comes to electricity, it's important to make sure that your system is safe. An unsafe system can cause more than annoying flickering of lights or a breaker that keeps popping. An unsafe electrical system can be a potential fire hazard, putting yourself and your loved ones at risk! Kite Electric will make sure that your system is safe through regular inspections and will help you to identify any potential issues before they become dangerous.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Kite's electricians are highly trained and will inspect your electrical system with a professional, friendly demeanour without missing a step!

  • Got an emergency after hours? No problem! Kite's membership holders get the benefit of no after-hour premiums. You'll get to enjoy fast, reliable service at our normal rates.

Ready to sign up?

Call Kite Electric at (587) 515-2012 or send us a message now to book your first electrical or solar inspection and start getting those membership benefits today!