Solar Next Steps

Solar Panels on Roof
So, you’re ready to get solar energy installed? Congratulations! We are so excited to be a part of your green energy journey! 

These next steps will make getting started with solar energy fast and enjoyable!

  1. Contact Kite Electric, and our incredible team will get you booked for a FREE solar appraisal and site assessment for your office, commercial park, agricultural property or residence!

  2. Receive a quote detailing ideal solar energy options for your property (based on factors such as property size, monthly usage (kWh), load demand, property location). 

  3. Once you’ve approved the quote, Kite Electric will pull the required permits, complete the necessary applications and paperwork. Then, our team of certified master electricians will install your solar panels!

  4. Upon completion, Kite Electric will provide you with a free online monitoring platform that will allow you to monitor your usage and savings.

  5.  Smile and enjoy saving that extra money!

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